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Portable High-Capacity Pump Systems

mpc containmentWith twenty-seven systems located at nineteen strategic points in the U.S. and overseas, our Emergency High-Capacity Pumping Services group can respond to any place on the globe on a rapid-response basis. Capable of providing safe and reliable transfers of oil, hazardous chemicals, low-flash materials, viscous oils and water, these highly-portable systems are extremely versatile and are capable of operating at remote locations and in potentially dangerous atmospheres. For over 25 years, MPC has pioneered the use of high-capacity portable pumps during marine casualties, and other emergency response and scheduled operations.

  • Vessel Off-Loading and Marine Casualty Response
  • Tank Transfers — Land-Based Operations
  • Oil, Water and Hazardous Materials Transfers
  • Low-Flash Products and Viscous Oil Transfers
  • Emergency and Scheduled Maintenance Operations
  • Flood Control, Bypass Operations and Fire-Fighting Support Capabilities
  • Worldwide Logistic and Subcontractor Network
  • High-Head and Long-Distance Transfers
  • Portable Hot-Tapping and Underwater Pumping Capabilities
  • Pump and Pump System Design, Manufacturing and Sales
  • Spill Response Support (Shoreline Washing and Recovered Product Transfers)
  • Underwater Bottom Oil Recovery

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